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International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS)

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Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences JAPSS ISSN 1944-1088 (print) ISSN 1944-1096 (online)

Journal of Asia Pacific Studies JAPS ISSN: 1948-0105 (online) ISSN: 1948-0091 (Print)

Ambassador Otto F. von Feigenblatt receives the Key to Haines City (August 1, 2018)

In a private ceremony in City Hall, Ambassador Otto F. von Feigenblatt received the Key to the City from Mayor Morris L. West. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Jeffrey Brown, Deputy City Manager, and by Ms. Cyndi Jantomaso, President of the Haines City Economic Development Council. The Ambassador emphasized the importance to promote cultural exchanges between Haines City and the rest of the world.